PHOG Logo Oct 13, 2017: Page has been added detailing our investigation of the Eagles Lodge so far. Tonight is the paranormal presentation and subsequent investigation. We'll update the Eagles Lodge Investigation page as we acquire more evidence and experiences!

PHOG Logo Oct 11, 2017: PHOG will be doing a fundraiser, drawing, and private investigation this weekend - on Friday the 13th - at the Cheyenne, WY Eagles Lodge! Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. The fundraiser is a roundtable paranormal discussion with the team members. We'll be presenting past evidence as well as taking questions and discussing anything paranormal. Proceeds will go to benefit the Eagles Lodge's Halloween program, and put towards PHOG's equipment upgrades. Everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered into the drawing to attend the private investigation. You can also purchase additional tickets to increase your chances of winning! The roundtable starts at 9pm.

PHOG Logo Oct 11, 2017: PHOG just completed an investigation on Saturday night. We had some interesting stuff happen. We are doing an evidence review tonight, and we will post any evidence we gather. Stay tuned!

PHOG Logo Sep 14, 2017: PHOG researches more than just hauntings. We are highly interested in UFO phenomena as well. So it is fitting that we also participate in SETI@Home research. In fact, we are setting up a Raspberry PI server farm dedicated to processing SETI@Home work units. If you are interested in participating in SETI@Home and letting your computer donate spare work cycles, head over to the SETI@Home Webpage and sign up. Don't forget to join "Team PHOG" after you've signed up!

PHOG Logo Sep 14, 2017: PHOG is back from our summer break, and we've got some cool events lined up! One of those events is the page being back up! Stay tuned as we release more info on some Halloween-themed events coming up.