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In The Beginning

PHOG began in late 2009 as the brainchild of 3 friends, and also coworkers at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center. After numerous discussions, and a trial run with a camera and voice recorder in the office, the team was born.


We are a group of dedicated investigators seeking out paranormal expeditions to discover facts of mysterious events while taking on compelling haunted locations, understanding proclaimed existence of cryptozoological beings, researching UFO sightings, and anything that falls in the realm of "paranormal".

Bringing together our individual experiences with intuition and sophisticated forensic technologies; we set out to uncover the hard evidence, proof, and coexistence of the paranormal.

We believe paranormal investigation will never be a true science as long as it is sensationalized in the media. Our guests have noted that we conduct our investigations in a calm manner, with a rational methodology. Our desire is not to make it to the "big time", but rather seek out a more precious treasure: the truth.

Our goal is to remain true to scientific method. When we observe phenomena, we try to reproduce the behavior, develop a hyposthesis, and test the hypothesis. This methodology has helped us not only rule out natural, environmental factors; but has also helped us debunk numerous issues that we assumed were paranormal.

We believe paranormal investigation is a citizen science - not widely recognized in academia. Copernicus...Archimedes...Newton...all dealt with data and observations that were not readily accepted by their societies. But they remained diligent, developed hypotheses, tested those hypotheses, and documented their findings.


We rely first and foremost on scientific method: observe, hypothesize, test, and document. If we observe an event (such as a cold spot), we develop a hypothesis (such as: this is a draft), we test that hypothesis (look for vents or doorways and measure temperatures in those area), and document our results.

When it comes to evidence we rely the most on that which is more difficult to misinterpret - audio and visual. We perform due diligence on debunking any evidence before presenting anything to our host as paranormal.

Non Profit

PHOG has never, and will never charge for our investigations. Our only income from paranormal investigations has been pizza and gas money (the pizza is more appreciated, by far).

We feel that spiritual issues are so deeply ingrained in the psyche, that when a person is feeling frightened or tortured by events in their household, it would add insult to injury to charge for an investigation. Our goal is to educate people, help them feel at ease in their homes or businesses, and put them in touch with the appropriate experts if the event is outside of our area of expertise.

Anyone that tells you that ghost hunting is profitable, is likely selling something or is not dealing with reality.

We will not turn down donations, as investigation equipment can be expensive - especially systems such as Network Video Recorders and High Definition Bullet Cameras.

Community Service

We love to serve our community. PHOG is involved in the annual Cheyenne ZombieFest - we sell raffle tickets to a paranormal investigation of the Atlas Theatre, with all proceeds going to the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players.

We are frequently asked to give presentations to teens and adults - we have given demonstrations in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Rawlins. If you'd like us to come talk to your group, you have but to ask.