Hello everyone, I'm Dave!

A Land Far Away

Approximately 30 years ago I moved to Wyoming from a faraway place, which is difficult to pronounce. It's called Connecticut; for ease, we call it CT. In Conneciticiti...I mean CT, I grew up near many 150 year old (and older) homes where the current owners talked about land lording their unpaying spiritual tenants. There are stories of spirits who walked the streets of Gurleyville. Throughout the woods, I'd trek over and around old foundations of mills, houses and stone fences, which caused my imagination (and legs) to run as evening approached and sounds became more startling. At night I frequently practiced my heroic head covering techniques in bed to ward off unwanted spirits - this seemed to work (admit it, you did this too).

...and I didn't have to learn another language.

After growing up, I decided to move to another country, so I chose Wyoming...and I didn't have to learn another language. The land here looks much different than CT's; Wyoming is like no place else on earth, and the people are very nice. I settled in the city of Cheyenne, where I was allowed to work. One of the best things about Cheyenne, Wyoming, is that I met my lovely wife, Karen, and my very kind and caring son, Cameron. I must really like it here; 30 years can be quite a chunk of time to live in one place.

Why I Joined PHOG

Lucky to be a member...

Several years ago the folks at PHOG were kind enough to allow me to join. I've found PHOG to be an amazing team of folks who bring difference beliefs, philosophies, and skills together. Although investigations are taken seriously, everyone enjoys what we do. I consider myself lucky to be a member of PHOG.