Question: Do you guys charge for what you do?

Answer: For individuals or businesses who are asking us to investigate their homes to bring some relief or understanding...NO ...we never charge for our services. The only compensation we have ever received is pizza and gas money. For businesses who are looking to capitalize off of a possible haunting, that might be a different story. But to date, we have never earned a dime.

Question: How do I know you are not faking your evidence?

Answer: Well, the easiest answer is a question: Why would we? We don't get paid for doing this. There's no good motive for us to try to fool anyone. We don't do it for fame - Internet fame is fleeting and certainly doesn't bring home a paycheck. The bottom line is that it's there for you to interpret as you see fit. We merely try to put some context into it. Belief will always be in the eye of the beholder.

Question: Can I join you on a ghost hunt?

Answer: Possibly. Understand that the more people at an investigation, the higher the likelihood that we contaminate evidence, especially audio. So we do what we can to limit the number of people we have on hand. Now, if you get us set up with a lead, we'll be more than happy to invite you and perhaps a friend along...consider it a finder's fee. We also participate in ZombieFest and sell raffle tickets to an investigation of the Atlas Theatre, so that's another opportunity to participate in a paranormal investigation.

Question: Can I join your team?

Answer: Maybe? We get asked this a lot. The truth is there's a sweet spot for our team size, and we're at it. We're pretty solid on techy folks, content creators, and investigators. About the only piece of the puzzle we're missing is someone who knows the city of Cheyenne, state of Wyoming, and maybe even Colorado and Nebraska areas, and isn't afraid to make some phone calls and get us into places. We also have a lot of individual requests for help. So we'd be willing to add an indivual who wants to be our public face and organize investigations for us. If you feel like this is you, then email us and let's talk.

Question: Why aren't you on TV?

Answer: We've had a couple of offers. We've turned them down. Here's why...

First, the paranormal space in entertainment is absolutely saturated. Look at how many shows there are: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, Dead Files, Haunted Collector, etc.

Second, what unique content could we provide over the other paranormal shows? We would insist on scientific method and debunking false positives to ensure that our evidence is beyond rebuke. That's boring stuff. Ratings have proven that American viewers WANT to be shocked and awed, even in paranormal shows. Which leads to...

Third, paranormal shows are pressured to fake or sensationalize their evidence to boost or improve ratings. We're not cool with that. 'REAL' ghost hunting involves a LOT of boring stuff - baselining, analysis, debunking, etc. We'd rather retain our integrity than sell out for ratings, even if that means we don't get our mansions and sweet rides.