Cheyenne Masonic TempleFrom the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office:

The Cheyenne Masonic Temple, first built in 1901, is a well-preserved example of the type of building placed in the State Capitol's structural landscape at the turn of the century. The impressive three-floor brick structure with Romanesque features is representative of the efforts of Cheyenne builders to reflect an image of prosperity through the built environment. The building embodies the distinctive characteristics of a method of construction employed during the early twentieth century in Wyoming. Although certain changes in design occurred during the reconstruction period of the building in 1903 following a fire, sufficient numbers of architectural elements were retained so that significant original design and feeling components continued to be recognizable. Occupants of the building, the Cheyenne Masons, have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of Wyoming's social welfare history and thus the building serves as an architectural association with that contribution. In addition, through the memberships of numerous state and federal governmental leaders in the Lodge, the building is associated with persons who have made an impact on Wyoming's history.

Nancy Weidel, in her book, "Cheyenne, 1867-1917" describes the fire which nearly destroyed the temple:

The Fire At The Masonic Temple, March 1st, 1903: According to the Cheyenne Daily Leader, the fire was discovered about 8:30pm. Lines of hose were stretched but there was not enough water pressure to reach the third floor. Flames shot 100 feet into the air. The firemen labored through the "bitter cold night", and five were injured.

Aftermath Of Fire At The Masonic Temple: The main portion of the temple was completely gutted. The reading room, memorial hall, office, and club room could be reconstructed. The bowling alley, which had just been completed the week before, was also destroyed. The cause of the fire was believed to have been faulty electricity. The temple was quickly rebuilt and reopened in November, 1903.

A story passed down among Masons of the Temple is that Bible that was on the pedestal in the "Blue Lodge Room" fell through the floor, landed on the bottom floor, and was completely undamaged.

Paranormal Reports

Masons report seeing shadows and misty apparitions on the upper floors of the "Blue Lodge Room" where regular meetings are held.

Guests and Masons, alike, report the front door of the lodge opening and closing on its own.

Guests, Masons, and members of Jobs Daughters have reported hearing footsteps and voices on the second floor of the building and in the "Star Room".

There are frequent reports of an apparition of a woman in a red dress. There is an actual newspaper article, with a photo of the barber shop (owned by Glen Chavez), and in the reflection of a mirror in the barber shop, you can see a woman in a red dress. Both Glen and the reporter confirmed they were the only individuals present. PHOG is working on getting a copy of the article.

Our Investigation

We have investigated the Masonic Temple numerous times since 2010.

For equipment, we brought:

Audio Evidence

"Guys, I Think You Need To Leave"

This is one of our most compelling EVPs we have ever gotten. Two of our investigators were sitting on the floor in the a room where Masonic Funerals are held. One investigator asks a guests to test their radio, then you hear a voice say "Guys, I think you need to leave".

"Look Away"

This EVP occurred just a few moments after the "Guys, I think you need to leave" one. We speculate that since Masonry is still a men-only affair, and we had a female investigator in the room, we were possibly being admonished to respect the customs of the organization.

"Thank You"

In this EVP, one of our investigators compliments the "Lady in Red" (an apparition frequently seen at the Temple) on her dress. You can hear a female whisper "thank you".


In this EVP, you hear an investigator ask permission to visit and then there is a reply of "yes".

Video Evidence

We did not capture any credible/noteworthy video evidence.

Picture Evidence

We did not capture any credible/noteworthy picture evidence. (Although, we originally thought we had captured a picture of 2 apparitions in 1920s era suits. But this was debunked at a later date by comparing regular daytime pictures to our infrared pictures.)

PENDING: We are working on acquiring a copy of the newspaper article picture with the "Lady in Red".


We have gathered a large number of EVPs during our various investigations of the Masonic Temple. Some are interactive, others appear to be largely residual. Even based strictly on audio/visual evidence, we feel confident in asserting that there is paranormal activity at the Masonic Temple.

Some of our most compelling activity was not captured on camera. In the room where we captured the "Guys, I think you need to leave EVP", we detected EMF fields in the chairs surrounding the room. As we measured over and over, the fields would move or disappear between chairs. We used a triband meter to try to rule out electrical sources and came up empty. Then, at our final investigation we had absolutely no EMF in that room whatsoever. We are unable to debunk this phenomenon at this time.