Hi, I'm Kris. That picture is me at the 2015 ZombieFest after party.

I've lived in Cheyenne my whole life with the exception of a brief stint in Casper, Wyoming where I went to Casper College. I am married to Cassi, and we have 2 children - Ashley and Alex.

For a living, I do Information Technology (IT) in government healthcare.

For hobbies, I love to fish and camp in the summer; in the winter, I'm big into video games such as Fortnite (XBox One), The Division, Destiny, and pretty much any JRPG. I have a PS4 and XBox One and always like to meet new people and play online, so shoot me an invite (PS4) and (Xbox One).

Why I Joined PHOG

I believe in the paranormal. I believe in ghosts and I believe in aliens. However, I am a very left brained individual. A creepy EVP or spooky picture isn't enough for me. I need verification. I'm one of those people who will probably need to be slapped in the face by an apparition before I say "Okay now THAT was paranormal." I am the one who crushes the hopes and dreams of the team as I debunk our evidence.

Ghost Hunters peaked my interest in the paranormal. I looked at the gear they were using and said to myself "I can do that". Then I met up with Jose, and haven't looked back since we created the team. But I also saw the sensationalism being brought about by "mainstream ghost hunting" and decided that we should stay true to the research part of the gig.

My Role

Firstly, I am the team's "skeptic". I believe in the paranormal, but I am much more analytical and critical of our evidence than most people. I want to be sure that I am not mistaking some picture for a lens anomaly. I want to know, for sure, that our evidence stands the test of science.

Secondly, I am the team's webmaster. I write the code and upload the pages. If you have any suggestions for additional content or constructive criticism, please let me know.

Lastly, being an IT guy, it's natural that I am one of the equipment handlers. I set up the DVR/NVR as well as determine placement of the cameras.

Other Stuff

I'm a big fan of music.

I can't play an instrument and I sure as heck can't read sheet music, but I love listening to it.

I love hard rock, metal, industrial, some country, and most recently, dubstep.

This is my playlist on YouTube, and I love hearing new stuff, so if there's a new dubstep track you think I'd love, let me know by contributing to my playlist!